This conference is for anyone who is a domain name enthusiast interested in domain investing. We look forward to meeting you. There is value in domainers getting together; we learn whenever we meet someone who owns or has ever owned domains. Our cohesiveness and shared experience is where the opportunities for growth for each of us are found.

Our industry is growing and we are committed to producing a program for you that is sustainable and affordable, whether you are a veteran domainer, exhibitor, advisor or someone looking to enter the industry, drawn by New gTLDs. We all need to make ourselves accessible, it will increase the value of our assets. All domainers need an inclusive show they can afford; and the education process is ongoing for new domainers and veterans alike. DomainerTradeShow.com has been dedicated to domain investing transparency and the domainer since 10.23.2010. 

The show's organizers have experience in event planning, having routinely planned annual 5-day events in West Michigan each year with upwards of 250 annual participants since 2003. The show's founder, Doug Haan, has been an active domainer since 1998.

Thank you for your interest.

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